Banks and REO representatives choose AL Tautimez' REO Specialist Team because we offer: Experience established in Los Angeles County for more than 25 years. Results - AL has serviced, sold, managed, and/or participated in more than 1,000 transactions throughout his carreer.

One-stop REO shopping, from pre-foreclosure to closing. A division devoted to REO listings, with agents and complete support staff with experience in the following REO Management internet platforms: ,, , and LPS Invoice Management service. Professional Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) and other complimentary services.


A national clientele trusts Tautimez' REO team with their REO needs. Premier Properties foreclosure division in West Covina, CA is one of only a handful of brokers in Los Angeles County entrusted with handling Bank of America REO accounts. Bank of America is considered to have the most stringent REO sales criteria in the business. A partial listing of our experience with other National Bank clients include: Bank of America • Countrywide Home Loans • Fannie Mae (FNMA) • PFF Bank • EMC Mortgage. AL's quarterly scorecards from asset managers average 94%. AL is also a memeber of Titanium Solutions as a home retention counselor specializing in loss mitigation, home retention and short sale services.


One source for all your REO needs - Unlike many offices that assign one or two people to handle the REO tasks, ours is a fully-staffed REO division devoted to offering clients the full spectrum of REO servicing including: • REO listing/Management • Drive-by exterior Broker’s Price Opinions • Re-keying and lock box installation • Evictions • Lawn, pool and other property maintenance • Trash hauls • General contractor repairs • Attorney and Appraisal Services • Accounting (processing all property billing) • Property inspections • Title work . We take an active part in the property management that goes along with being an REO agent. One call or email is all it takes to put us to work for you! Get SOLD on our services!


A note about Broker Price Opinion - BPO’s require skill and marketing knowledge. AL Tautimez' REO team is one of the best in the business when it comes to BPOs. We have a complete BPO department to handle any pre-foreclosure reports, including 24 hour and same day rush orders!

Aggressive Marketing is the REO team’s Focus

• California licensed qualified agents • REO open houses • Traditional newspaper and magazine ads • Internet advertising of our complete REO inventory in all highly trafficked search engines • Direct mail sent weekly to Realtors, buyers and investors • Door-to-door neighborhood canvassing • Weekly email list to hundreds of agents/buyers. You can count on our team to handle everything: • Pre-qualify buyers prior to submitting offers • Review and prepare contracts • Track every transaction from listing to closing • Provide assistance to title and mortgage companies • Assist with title problems (California Association of Realtors' attorneys).

The REO specialist team coverage area

California is one of the most active REO foreclosure markets in the U.S. Premier Property's REO division covers three key counties in California. Our main office is located within the boundary lines of Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County giving us fast and easy access to any property in these counties. (For full listing of zip codes and areas, please contact us.)

AL Tautimez is full time manager and REO Coordinator of Premier Properties. AL has emerged as one of the leading voices of the REO industry in Southern California. He has the experience and knowledge that is needed for marketing of REO properties in California’s ever changing market. AL has guided the REO Department and its entire staff to meet the needs of some of the more stringest REO accounts in the nation.

Premier Properties REO division, A California Leader with Proven REO Service Success.